Mauro Fariñas


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All Tonight’s Woes is a series that uses photography as a storytelling device to depict ordinary scenes in the manner of movie stills. The storylines that tie together the photographs deal with the daily life experience, verging banality; its characters are immersed in tedium and boredom, loneliness and narcissism, and their environment is that of familiar places, both private and public. But the triviality of the situations finds its contradiction in the way they are presented: the baroque style of melodrama and the theatricality of the tableau vivant, over-elaborates visually the content of the scenes; and by borrowing elements from cultural heritage, imitating narrative and visual procedures from cinema or television, the staging is fostered in its fiction quality.

The viewer, always from an external position –sometimes privileged, sometimes impeded- has freedom to reconstruct the narrative contained on the images; the viewer is confronted with what can be recognized as an everyday experience, while at the same time is able to decode the image through his familiarity with the tricks performed in its depiction. If the arise of the new media, lead by the photographic image –in all its variants-, has failed in its attempt to show us the world as it is, instead it has managed to change the way we look at it. And if the what and the how of All Tonight’s Woes get together, is due to the fact that –in the realms of the visual imagery- we have come to understand reality as a matter of storytelling.


Mauro Fariñas, 2006