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The party is over; there’s nothing left to do here. The party is over, and once the euphoria is gone, excess takes its toll. Our current predicament is nothing but the confirmation of a bad omen. How to shake off this cyberpunk mood? Such a night-time we have ahead! In the forthcoming hours, until the light shines again, it’ll be oh-so-easy to see everything black. Either that, or to lapse into the safety of sweet home’s indolence: let’s just turn the television’s volume up –ethology calls this a stereotypic behaviour-. Welcome, the party is over.

House Taken Over is a series of nearly twenty photographs, taken in Berlin during 2011-12 while keeping the Spanish social upheavals in the corner of the eye. Throughout the photographs, the saturated light design, the textured image quality, and the omnipresent cloud of smoke, corrupt the so-called domestic space. This space and this atmosphere are the unifying elements of the series, as well as a sense of gentle discomfort –the golden cage- and general hangover –the aftermath of a party-. Rest mistaken by tension, or the other way around.


Mauro Fariñas, 2012