Mauro Fariñas


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Through the Peephole is a series of photo-collages in which daily events are dramatized using the possibilities of photography; not merely a device for “objective recording”, the depiction mechanisms play an active role in their creation from the sketch to the final work. These works are constructed from the idea of collage, both in form and content: the changes in time and space that brings the juxtaposition of images, affect the way we read them; and, throughout the series, the scenes, titles, etc, are referring to cultural heritage –both historical and contemporary-, creating a melting pot of references.

The project works like a kaleidoscope, in which mosaics appear by chance as it is being turned: I threw together a handful of elements and dismissed the reasons, letting the viewers make their own connections. The goal is to allow their subjectivity to infiltrate in the subjectivity of representation; to emphasize the systems that depict our everyday life, up to the point in which they show up its procedures. Under the promise of objectivity, photography gave subjectivity; under the promise of subjectivity, it gave a photographic canon. And still, in photography we trust.


Mauro Fariñas, 2005